Welcome to the new BLJS Radio club blog. Here you’ll find podcasts from our radio club and updates from the team. Enjoy and please give feedback or ideas as to what you would like to hear about!

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  • I absolutely love Radio club i am in it I just did an interview with Jason Moss May 21 2015 and it was really fun hope to do it again.

  • + what is anotherting thing why you love radio club soo much.
    ? Would you like to stay there at radio club or want someone to take over.
    -next time try and put a capital I.

  • Hi I`m Lexie and I`m in Radio club, I love being in Radio club because I get to do interviews and I also get to perform in front of the whole school ! !
    It is amazing being in Radio Club and I`m looking forward to the next performances!! BYE!!

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