Radio Shout Outs

Hi guys! The your very own BLR needs your input! If you have a birthday, if you’ve won medals, if you’ve got anything to celebrate then please leave us a message here or talk to one of our DJs (Lexie, Megan or Steve!) and we’ll give it a shout on air! You can also request songs as well, and we’ll do our best to play them for you!

We’ll be going live next on Friday 13th May at 1pm! Click the widget on the right and have a listen! You can also listen again via the BLR Radio! link below!

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BLR Radio!


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One thought on “Radio Shout Outs

  • Hi guys! I’m Evie and we (Evie,Megan,and Bob) hope that you are enjoying radio club. tomorrow is Friday the 13th!!!!!! Warning to everyone!!!

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