We’re Back!

Howdy guys, the radio club is back and running! Due to a slight technical problem we’re not able to go out live on a Friday yet but we’re working on it and, in the mean time, you can listen to us on ‘listen again’ service at the right side of this page!

We have new team members joining us from year 5, with Lexie, Steve, Megan and Josh now in y6 and taking over the management of the club and training the newbies!

So, if you’ve got a special occassion coming up or would like to wish someone else a happy brithday then please comment here and we’ll do our best to give you a shout out! Or you can now email us at:


and follow us via the school Twitter page @bljsrugby

How ever you choose it’ll be great to hear from you!

Here’s to another great year of BLR!!! And maybe the odd Duck Song!!!!

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