Helloooooooooo there!

Well, how are you all doing? It’s Mr G on behalf of BLR here! The radio station is back up and running, you can catch us live on a Thursday at 12:30pm (lunch time listening!!) where you’ll hear us cracking on about all manner of news stories from around the world as well as the latest school gossip and top tunes! Just check out this link


And that’s where we need your help! Have you got a story we should be broadcasting about? Have you done something amazing that you’d like to tell the world about? Is your birthday coming up? Do you have a tune that you are just bursting to hear? Then get in touch with us either via this blog or by emailing us on blr@boughtonleighjuniors.org.uk  We’d love to hear from you! This is your radio station and we want to be covering the things you want to hear about!

All the best

Mr G

One thought on “Helloooooooooo there!

  • Hello

    Thank you for your lovely comments on our school blog (wilsonblog.net). I hope the watch and learn blog was useful for you- have you been working on your blogs with Mr David Mitchel?

    I will try to remind my class to take a look at your blogs when I’m teaching next.

    Good luck with your blogging…the radio sounds very creative 🙂

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