Helloooooooooo there!

Well, how are you all doing? It’s Mr G on behalf of BLR here! The radio station is back up and running, you can catch us live on a Thursday at 12:30pm (lunch time listening!!) where you’ll hear us cracking on about all manner of news stories from around the world as well as the latest school gossip and top tunes! Just check out this link


And that’s where we need your help! Have you got a story we should be broadcasting about? Have you done something amazing that you’d like to tell the world about? Is your birthday coming up? Do you have a tune that you are just bursting to hear? Then get in touch with us either via this blog or by emailing us on blr@boughtonleighjuniors.org.uk  We’d love to hear from you! This is your radio station and we want to be covering the things you want to hear about!

All the best

Mr G

Live ‘n’ Loud

Hi there, we hope the start to 2017 has been good for you!

Here at BLR we’ve been busy covering school news and playing top tunes but we need your help. We’re planning on doing a request show on the 10th March where we will just be doing shout outs and your fave tunes, so let us know what you want to hear and why. Got a birthday, or a friend who has? Let us help you celebrate it. Been up to something fantastic? Gained an award? Let us know and we’ll get you mentioned on air! Just want to hear that great tune? Let us know what it is! We’re planning on an hour long megamix of hits! Old or new we don’t mind! As long as they’re top tunes!

Comment here or email us blr@boughtonleighjuniors.org.uk or tweet us on our new twitter feed @BLRRugby

All the best

BLR Crew!

Christmas is almost here

Just 2 more shows before Christmas! So, what’s your favourite Christmas tune? What get’s you rocking around the Christmas tree?

Also, if your true love was buying you a present for the 12 days, what do you hope is on that list?

We’re also looking for your weirdest, wackiest present you’ve ever received.

Let us know all about these either by commenting below or emailing us at



Christmas Countdown!

Well at last it’s December and even Mr G has started getting into the Christmas mood! (He’s thinking of running a humbug stall at our fair and calling it ‘Bah’)…..

Anyhow, we’ll be live on air from 12:45 tomorrow (Friday 2nd) and we’ve got a couple of questions for you!

Firstly, if your true love was sending you presents for the 12 days of Christmas what would you hope they’d get? (Or what would you get your true love?) I mean, who wants French Hens? Mr G is wondering if we’ll have to change the song now we’ve voted for Brexit?

Secondly, we[‘d love to know you’re favourite Christmas song to play over the coming weeks!

So leave a comment on one or both of these questions and we’ll give you a mention on the fab BLR

Seasonal type greetings

BLR Radio team!

We’re Back!

Howdy guys, the radio club is back and running! Due to a slight technical problem we’re not able to go out live on a Friday yet but we’re working on it and, in the mean time, you can listen to us on ‘listen again’ service at the right side of this page!

We have new team members joining us from year 5, with Lexie, Steve, Megan and Josh now in y6 and taking over the management of the club and training the newbies!

So, if you’ve got a special occassion coming up or would like to wish someone else a happy brithday then please comment here and we’ll do our best to give you a shout out! Or you can now email us at:


and follow us via the school Twitter page @bljsrugby

How ever you choose it’ll be great to hear from you!

Here’s to another great year of BLR!!! And maybe the odd Duck Song!!!!

Special Guest

We will have a special guest joining us on Friday 8th July for our live show! Jason Moss (author, radio presenter and all round good egg) will be coming to the studio to be interviewed/grilled/interrogated by the BLR crew and hopefully give them some hints as to how to make our little show even better!

Bring it on!

Click on this link http://myliveschool.org/accounts/view/boughton-leigh-junior-school to hear our past shows

or click here to listen live on a Friday (this week from 1pm) http://myliveschool.org/liveradio#5

Radio Shout Outs

Hi guys! The your very own BLR needs your input! If you have a birthday, if you’ve won medals, if you’ve got anything to celebrate then please leave us a message here or talk to one of our DJs (Lexie, Megan or Steve!) and we’ll give it a shout on air! You can also request songs as well, and we’ll do our best to play them for you!

We’ll be going live next on Friday 13th May at 1pm! Click the widget on the right and have a listen! You can also listen again via the BLR Radio! link below!

Keep listening

BLR Radio!


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My Live School Radio

We’re now broadcasting on the My Live School radio website most Friday dinner times. You can also ‘listen again’ by visiting the site and searching for our school.

Want a shout out on air? Got a birthday coming up? Want to surprise your friends with a tune? Been up to something awesome outside school? Well get in touch with us by commenting on this post, speaking to one of our DJs or emailing gaskell.j1@welarn365.com and tell us all about it!

Click on the link to listen to a show!


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Welcome to the new BLJS Radio club blog. Here you’ll find podcasts from our radio club and updates from the team. Enjoy and please give feedback or ideas as to what you would like to hear about!

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